A Follow Up to “Who Says Things Don’t Grow in Texas”.

freezeWhen I originally posted this blog, I had every intention of following up IF when and after we got any frosts this year here in my part of Texas. Well, to date, we have had two serious cold spells resulting in freezes that completely wiped out  everything to ground level both in and out of the water so I have gone ahead and added a second video of what the yard and ponds look like as of today, Sunday, January 22, 2017.

This is what I originally posted.

I am just so impressed with the amount of growth this year here in Texas that I have made a video of my backyard showing all of the ponds and the amount of vegetation that has grown up in and around them. We never had a single frost this past winter which normally knocks all of the vegetation down resulting in new growth each Spring. This year, as nothing had died, it just kept on growing. The Canas and Iris in the ponds are well over six feet tall and the Esperanza’s are double in size and reaching way up to the skies. I have plants that normally get to be about four feet tall and this year, the are well over twice that size.

Garden Video 11-2-2016 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

One thing is for sure. If it freezes, then I will have a huge cleanup job. On the other side, if it doesn’t freeze I will need to start cutting back and will still have a huge cleanup job.

Such is life as a gardener in Texas.

Here is a video of what the yard looks like after I cleaned up all of the frozen vegetation both on land and in the water.

Garden Video 01-22-2017 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

Now it doesn’t matter if we have anymore freezes as I am way ahead of the game. The only problem might be that there is already new growth on some of the plants. Maybe I will follow up later this summer and show just how much things have grown back up.

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