Another Call for Help…

dsc_6211I received a call from a lady who had a couple of fish that needed a new home. Turns out, she had a small goldfish and an even smaller shubunkin. Both were well marked and pretty fish to look at. She was keeping them in a 10 gallon indoor aquarium and felt that as they grew, they would need more room.

I made arrangements to meet her at her apartment the following Saturday. As it happens,  her apartment was less than two miles from my house. It took me a while to locate it after I got into the complex and was saved by her hanging out over her balcony, waving madly at my car.

Just as she had stated, the fish were in the 10 gallon aquarium totally unaware that they were about to be moved from their very secure location indoors to a 2000 gallon pond where they could mix and mingle with many of their own kind. They would certainly lose the luxury of being the center of attention as they were going to be with about 60 of their own kind.

I asked Beth, the lady who called me for something to transfer some of the water from the aquarium into my 5 gallon bucket and without further ado, using my very tiny 4 inch square net, quickly caught the fish and transferred them into the bucket where they swam around checking it out.

I said farewell to Beth who along with her daughter, said goodbye to the fish as I walked out of the door. The short drive home took 10 minutes and I quickly placed the fish into the goldfish pond. With that many fish in the pond, it will be a job to pick out the goldfish in the future but the shubunkin will be very visible as it is a pretty little fish.

This has got to be by far and away, the easiest and quickest fish rescue I have ever done. I wish they were all this easy….

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