Thoughts on a Cloudy Day…

dsc_4626I sat staring out of the window
but not really seeing
my mind was a thousand miles away
in some far off distant universe
a thousand thoughts going through my mind
but not concentrating on any of them
it was a though my mind was in re-wind
with countless times and places
and people, many people with faces
all staring back at me.

Were they ghosts of my past
come back to haunt me
or fond memories of times long gone
in younger years
or are they memories of pleasant times
when youth was taken for granted
and we would never grow old.

My dog jumped onto my lap
shaking me out of this reverie
bringing me back to the present
and as I look out the window
I can no longer see the myriad of faces
of people from long ago.

Instead I see lush green foliage
sadly in need of trimming
waiting for Mother Nature
to inflict her frozen sword
and I see rain, not heavy but still rain
under the cloudy skies of a December day.

12 thoughts on “Thoughts on a Cloudy Day…

  1. I think I sense a touch of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ in your poem. One of my favorites. I’ve been reading bits and pieces of his passages from the book and his prose is outstanding. I enjoyed your poem! Have a lovely day.

  2. It’s still comfortable, I gather? I understand very much how the ghosts of one’s past suddenly appear when one least expects them to do so. It’s always when you’re resting peacefully and think you’re over that hump. Even though it’s cloudy, I do wish you a lovely December day. 💕

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