Thoughts on Texas


At last, I thought, the heat has gone
finally Summer is cooling down
time to get back on the trails again
and walk and walk without feeling so hot
and having to drink so much water a lot
but then this week the heat returned
and yesterday was one hundred degrees
and although it is starting to cool
I’m feeling more like a bit of a fool
again and once more Mother Nature played tricks
lulling us to think the heat was gone
and this year at least it had sung its swansong
where other parts of the country are cool
and already their leaves are starting to turn
in Texas our climate here is such
that another month will go by without much
change or cooling down that we note
and even longer before a coat
the beauty of living in this hot State
with its blistering temperatures that we hate
is that winters are mild as compared with elsewhere
and we play outside for all of the year
with only the very occasional day
when the weather is too cold outside to play.

I love living in Texas hot weather and all…


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