Texas Heat


Another 100 degree day
no wonder I don’t want to play
outside or work on the ponds
or hike the trails where it is hot
too hot for comfort.

I get out early but by eleven o’clock
it is already 90 degrees
and I am soaked with sweat
and my body is telling me
to quit.

I have two choices that I can see,
the first is to drive around in my air conditioned car
listening to stories written
by authors much more skilled
than me.

The second is to stay indoors
trying to write
bad poetry about the Texas heat.

9 thoughts on “Texas Heat

    • It’s really not that bad as long as you get out early and grow with the heat. It’s impossible if you just go out in the 100 plus degrees and try to do something outside. I did play soccer one time in Dallas with the temperature at 108 degrees. Now that was hot…

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