A Really Long Walk at Pedernales Falls 6-25-2016


Wolf Mountain Trail showing Wolf Mountain.

I drove to Pedernales Falls which is about an hour from my house thinking as I drove about what trails I wanted to hike. It was about 1:00 pm when I arrived and was already hot so I opted to walk on one of the easier trails which is actually more like a road than a trail in the accepted sense of the word.

Wolf Mountain Trail is probably 25 feet wide in most of it’s length and it is the trail that leads to the primitive camping sites. Along the way, it crosses three different creeks, Regal, Bee and Mescal and it you walk far enough around the back of Wolf Mountain, it also crosses Tobacco Creek. At first, I had planned to just walk as far as the primitive camp sites and then double back and walk home to the car park but I felt good and once I got off the main trail, the trails were pretty shaded so I continued on around the back of Wolf Mountain. Incidentally, I didn’t see a single camper in the primitive sites, no tents or other signs that anyone was there.

I passed several hikers and bikers all going in the opposite direction of course and took a few pictures of them. There were others who I did not capture on camera as I circled the mountain. I came across an old stone house and a long length of stone walls. I wonder what stories they can tell and how long it took to build them by hand. Even just collecting the rocks must have been quite a process.

On the trail back, I kept a good steady pace (for me) even though it was hot and as usual, I was totally soaked in sweat. I made it safely back to the car after having covered ten and a half miles.

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