Watching the Rain

flooding in Texas

The Forces of Nature

Sitting at my desk and watching it rain
too wet to be outside today
lightening flashes and thunder too
as Mother Nature likes to play
the thunder like it sometimes does
shakes the house with the occasional boom
but it’s not the noise as we all know
that can send us to our doom
they say there is a chance of floods
as the ground has already had its share
and cannot absorb rain anymore
and the runoff could send us in despair
as water is a powerful thing
and can gather tremendous force
enough to move cars and buildings too
and wash them away to be seen no more
they say that this will not go away
and for several days it will stay
with rain and thunder all the time
making life difficult in some way
but this is Texas and we all know
Nature has to put on a show
and when she chooses to do her thing
all we can do is hope and pray
that no one gets hurt or loses a life
because it is not worth the strife
of worrying about material things
which might have value but can be replaced
for life is a priceless thing
too precious for words to describe
and we have but one and when it is gone
there is nothing left to carry on.

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