The Beauty of Flowers

I guess that because of our early Spring here in my part of Texas, the flowers are just going nuts and putting on a wonderful display. I have never seen so many Roses and Iris and other flowers in my garden. Enjoy.

As before, if you click on any flower, it will enlarge them to full size and then you can use the arrows to move them along. Use the “Escape” key to get back.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Flowers

  1. What a gorgeous display! Do you feed them? You may not want to share, and I understand if so 🙂 we had a great spring last year, but not much moisture this year yet. We have just begun watering so maybe in another month, I will share a pic of a small bed of hyndrangeas and a few more species 🙂 we’re still getting cold weather at night so I’m cautious as to do too much to the beds just yet. I may re-finish the fairy garden today & share a pic of that.

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