Another Walk…

DSC_0936I took another walk yesterday
just wanting to get outside to play
out in Nature’s woods and trails
to breath the air and stretch my legs
and be at peace with who I am
enjoying the life that I have now
what little is left who will decide
it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to know
all I want is to put on a show.

I walked for miles is what it seems
as the wind was cold and blowing through me
to keep myself from feeling the cold
I walked faster with steps both long and bold
and covered the ground with amazing speed
as I felt I had the need
to finish the walk as fast as I could
to get out of the wind and out of the woods.

I thought about walking again today
but the air was still chilled and I have to say
that memories of feeling cold came back
enough that I no longer had the urge
to get outside, my soul to purge
instead I stayed in my warm house
and made no move to go outside
choosing instead to write away
planning instead for a different day.

“I love to hike…”

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