The cost of having a green yard in Austin, Texas

IMG_0419I took a few pictures over the past couple of days of the flowers blooming in my yard. Sorry to say that the 100+ degree weather we have been experiencing lately is playing havoc with the greenery AND my water bill as I finally had to turn on the soaker system that I have installed. I held off as long as I could and even now, it only runs every 3 days and then only for 30 minutes.

The last water bill I got told me that I was using 3500 gallons less than my neighbor, whichever one it is, so I don’t feel bad about it. Even so, at $100 a month, I will be glad to see some rain. It is not only the yard that needs the water as the ponds all experience some form of water loss due to evaporation and plant growth. I have automatic fillers on all of the ponds but I usually regulate when they come on.

I was talking to a neighbor friend who is also an avid gardener and told her that I was going to plant and hopefully grow only those plants that seem to hold their own in the Texas heat. As it is, most of my yard is stocked with Texas natives but occasionally, I try to grow something more exotic which invariably doesn’t make it. So, no more experimenting. I am going to stay with the tried and true as I know they they will grow. Famous last words…

Enjoy the pictures

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