Who Said Koi Don’t Have Fun…

I was listening to the sound of the big Koi jumping in the middle pond and as popular belief among us Koi enthusiasts, wondered if they were getting sick and how many I might lose. So, I set up my camera and spent an hour or so just watching and filming their actions.

Turns out that they are far from sick and in fact are actually demonstrating the signs of their good health by actively jumping over a plant container that is sitting on the bottom of the middle pond. The container had a lily in not too long ago but the Koi have torn it to shreds and there is very little of the plant left. As I watched and filmed, it was very apparent that the Koi were deliberately jumping over the container. There is plenty of room on either side for them to go around but they chose to swim at and then jump over it. The big Koi in this pond hang out where the plants are most of the time and only venture into the open area occasionally. I think that the pond is now too shallow for them and they feel too exposed in the open water. That area is populated by the smaller Koi and goldfish that I rescued.

Watch the video and you will see that the Koi are apparently enjoying themselves.

Jumping Koi from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

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