Mowing the grass.

lawn mowerThe deck is done
the septic is fixed
wonder what I need do next.
I know, I will mow the berm
between my house and Thomas Springs Road
it gets mowed but twice a year
and the grass is longer than ever I fear
this is the only time I get to sit
on my tractor mower bought for a song
especially for when the grass grows long
a couple of hours and I will be done
black mowerand driving the mower will have been fun
the mower then will be put away
ready to mow on another day
meanwhile the grass will slowly grow
in the heat of summer it is slow
until sometime later in the Fall
I will start the mower again once more
and we will do it all again
just me and the mower
my twice a year friend
I have other grass to mow
but getting to it is kinda slow
as the paths are too narrow
and the ponds are too big
so for that I use a different tool
one not as much fun that uses less fuel
just a regular walk behind old in years
walk behindthat always starts up with no fears
of pulling the chord several dozen times
and cussing and turning the air blue all around
with frustration because it will not start
for this old mower is one of a kind
and it will start on the second pull
for an old machine it is truly cool
it vibrates and rattles as it drives along
but it cuts the grass which is all that counts
an old machine hard to live without.

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