Ode to a dog, Abigail.

Abigail looking for attention

Abigail looking for attention

My life is a little empty now
since you have gone away
to that doggie heaven in the sky.

You parting was so sudden
and without warning
and I am to blame.

If only I had not left
the unguarded septic tank
even for just a minute.

For that is all it took
for you to fall in,

and drown.

I will miss you in every way
for although you were not
the most affectionate of dogs.

You had a special way
of greeting me at the door
every-time I returned.

You cuddled with me at night
as you and Ginnie struggled over
who slept next to me.

Most of all, I will miss
your steady companionship
as you were always there.

You were born May 28, 2002
you went to your eternal rest May 22, 2015
Sleep well, my little friend.

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