How does the Mind work?

Yesterday, I was torn between
going hiking or going to the gym
both will give me a good workout
but are different in how it comes about.
the thing I like about the gym
is that it has A/C to keep me cool
and in comfort I can listen to Audiobooks
which totally engrossed do not notice the pain
as I work out on the different machines
pushing muscles to the limit they can gain

Yet when I go out on a hike
closer to nature I do feel
with fresh air and freedom as I walk along
listening to the birds as they sing their song
checking things out and pause here and there
to take pictures of flowers and trees I find here
and to work up a sweat that  feels healthy and good
as I stride along trails that many feet have withstood

So I chose to go hiking and piled the gear in my car
my camera pack and water and fruit for a snack
I went back to McKinney, my favorite place
and hiked along Coyote, Sandy Bottom and more
of those trails with wonderful sounding names
and passed horses and riders all with a smile
as we spent our day doing things that we like
whether riding or walking it all is the same
as we spend time with Nature the more to gain.

I covered six miles in my walk yesterday
and was totally soaked when I walked back to my car
it was a wonderful day for a hike
as all of the others out there besides me
did agree that it was a great place to spend time
and I chose right in opting for the walk
and as tired as I felt and my muscles were sore
but my mind was refreshed and ready for more.




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