One Wish

Cottage in the woods

Cottage in the woods

If I had but one wish
which did not include the obvious things
like perfect health or maybe wealth
enough to buy me everything.

I would wish for a plot of land
deep inside a wood so thick
away from all of the everyday things
that are our current reckoning.


I would like to wind back the clock
and live in a much simpler way
sheltered from the noise and stress
the sound of silence to convey

I like the house where I currently live
and the ponds and garden for which I care
but the traffic is now so very bad
it makes me wish to be elsewhere.

Eighteen wheelers and concrete trucks
roar up and down from early morn
and do not quit the incessant din
until the sun goes down on them.

When I first moved in thirty years ago
this was a quiet country lane
with little traffic and not much noise
unfortunately times have changed.

I am still not that old
to want to make that sort of move
and maybe when the time is right
back to the woods we go in full flight.

On the other hand the very thought
of packing all of the junk that I have
not only the house but three sheds as well
or maybe I could hold a sale.

Even so, it would still take time
cleaning out those sheds of mine
deciding what to keep and what to sell
sounds to me like a job from hell.

Some of my tools I have had for years
and others from England I did bring
some do not get used much anymore
but in my heart they still keep score.

OK, maybe I can put up with the noise
of the trucks as they rumble by
as it’s easier to just stay put
than to pack up and move all of this stuff.

Trail in the woods

Trail in the woods

I think I’ll wait until the day
when my soul has slipped away
and in a box they carry me out
and someone else the mess to clean.

At least then concrete trucks noise
will no longer bother me
and the only thing that I will hear
will be the singing of the heavenly choir.

“If I am lucky…”

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