More on the Heron…

The Heron visiting the big pond

The Heron visiting the big pond

I had reason to be away for several hours from the house and on returning home, decided to check the memory card in the surveillance system that covers the ponds. Imagine my surprise when the first file that I chose to open had a picture of this heron as the large centerpiece, as big as life.

Careful research resulted in four other files that between them totaled up to well over one and a half unrestricted hours that the heron had spent wandering around the big pond. They are truly patient birds and I cut large chunks out of the videos of the  bird standing without moving. By careful editing of the four videos involved, the file is a little over fifteen minutes long. As far as I could see, the Heron never took any of the fish. Maybe, just a reconnaissance trip.

Again, my apologies for the quality of the video itself. It’s hard to do much to doctor it up and it is what it is. A surveillance tape taken outdoors with very changeable lighting with the sun and the shadows.

BTW, I fired the Dachshund Watchdog Company as they were sleeping on the job. Useless dogs but I still love them…

The Heron Saga from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “More on the Heron…

  1. Sorry to hear you had to let the Dachshund Watchdog Company go, poor little guys, just look at there little faces, go on reinstate them, you know you will.


  2. I’m curious if you’ve seen the heron lately. I’ve heard they are more active in the spring during nesting. Mine stopped visiting my pond in mid-May, but not sure if it was due to the time of year, the defenses I put out, or that the pond surface got covered in lilipads and obscuring view of fish as it passed by.

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