More thoughts on dogs…

Danny with his buddy Richie

Danny with his buddy Richie

Following my blog today
about Ginny, my little dog
I have had many people say
how much they love and care
for the dogs who are in their lives
no matter what the size
or breed or whether mutt
or with papers of the registered kind.

Their personalities are of their own
no two alike even though
from the same family
they may come
brother and sister.

The people all say the same as me
that dogs are a part of the family
to be loved and cared for
and taken for walks
to be brushed and combed
and made to look nice
needless to say it does suffice
for some just feeding is enough
no brushing as smooth coats have they.

People say, where would we be
without a dog in the family
Life would just not be the same
for some who through no fault of their own
find themselves living alone
well, not quite alone as a dog or two
makes up the number and fills the space
as with their presence they do grace.

The only fear that I have
is that the dogs may outlive me
and that from beyond the grave
in the depths of eternity
a worried spirit I will be, wondering
how they are and who has them now
hoping that they are with
a good home and family.

I wonder if from beyond the grave
as that same worried spirit
I can behave as a ghost
to come back to see
what is happening to my family
of dogs, the ones I left behind
just to make sure they are doing fine.

And what if I find they are not
what then, do I become
a ghost that haunts or wants revenge
on the family who my pets are now with
in the hope that in some mysterious way
I can still have some say
even from beyond the grave
making sure they behave
and look after my pets, the ones that I love
in the same way just as before
when on the earth, I still walked
Damn, these are scary thoughts…

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