Right Handed or Back Handed

Pine Ridge Trail leading left

Pine Ridge Trail leading left

I woke up this morning with my right wrist feeling very sore and painful. I have had it happen before so I was not unduly worried. I think it is caused by either cuddling one of the dogs too long and having my wrist in an unnatural position  or doubling my wrist under me as I slept.

Whatever the cause, it usually takes a couple of days and several Acetaminophen’s later to heal so no big deal. The point is, I did not realize just how right-handed I am. I was always notoriously right footed when I played and would get myself into some awful messes by trying to bring the ball onto my right foot in order to play it and I knew that I favored my right hand for most things.

This morning really showed me just how deficient my left hand really is. I started off by trying to brush my teeth and as my wrist hurt too much with my right hand, switched to my left. I could barely find my mouth let alone work the toothbrush. I spent most of the time brushing my gums and as for going up and down, forget it. This had to be the sloppiest teeth brushing ever as in the end, I just gave up and moved on to washing my hair.

Again, I didn’t think about how it gets washed but apparently, I used my right hand to do that as well. I was able to switch to my left for this but it is interesting how we do things subconsciously without giving it a second thought.

I wear contacts (well, one) and I put that in with my right first finger. I comb my hair, what little I have left, with my right hand and when I tried to use my left, it was all over the place. Didn’t really matter much as the few wisps that are left, barely cover my head and besides, the dogs don’t care what I look like.

This made me check on other things that are routine. I put my right leg into my pants first,  I put my right sock and shoe on first and when I do just about anything, my right hand usually does it. Pretty sad to have two hands and be so reliant on just one of them. Oh, by the way, I sleep on the right side of the bed.

One thing I can almost guarantee and that is I am not alone on this. We are either all right or all left. Very few are ambidextrous and those that are, are the fortunate ones.

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