Where have all the Hummingbirds gone?

English: Hummingbird aerodynamics of flight

Hummingbird (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where have all the Hummingbirds gone
and even though they have no song
such wondrous colors do they show
when darting and flying as they go
about their business of staying alive
with wings so fast as they hover in space
to reach into flowers the nectar to taste.

Where have all of the Hummingbirds gone
I have not seen them for so long
I watch them through my window glass
the frame to a lot of things that pass
out in the garden, green and wild
my share of Nature not defiled
by progress.

I watch them as I sit
writing or maybe just thinking a spell
fascinated by their colors and size
with wings that are moving so very fast
they are a blur of motion as they pass
then all of a sudden, they do stop
and hover in mid-air to see
where next to dart
with lightning speed.

Two feeders hang outside the glass
filled with clear liquid they seem to like
our version of nectar that they normally find
in flowers and plants in the wild
even though the feeders supply
is there for the taking they do not stay.

The hummingbirds take a sip
and move around back and forth
sometimes they hover, at others they perch
as they drink their fill of the liquid clear
until they have had enough
and off they fly.

In flies another at break-net speed
and chases the first from the spot
and takes over the feeder as his own
to monopolize and not allow
others to share even though
there is enough to go around.

It is hard to believe such tiny birds
will winter out many miles away
thousands of miles they will fly
to warmer climes in Mexico
or Central America or maybe yet
it is known that the Rufous is brave
and some of them will stay home
in the southernmost tip of the USA

Should I take the feeders down
or leave them up a few more days
maybe even all winter long
in the hope that a Rufous has stayed
and will thrill me with his tiny form
and beating wings that move so fast
as at my feeder he will succeed
the short Texas winter to outlast.

Where have all the Hummingbirds gone
is it a sign that it won’t be long
before winter arrives such as it is
in Texas with sometimes a frost or two
and maybe even a little snow
as a change from summer
with its incessant heat
and winters that last a month or so
until one day at the window I sit
and watch them return to my feeders
to sip.

When the day comes that they return
a whole new season has opened to see
Winter has gone and with it comes Spring
although in Texas a very short thing
and another new year to sit and watch
the Hummingbirds.

English: Rufous Hummingbird (female)

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