Austin Pond Society – July Meeting 2013

Austin Pond Society Logo

Austin Pond Society Logo

The Austin Pond Society held it’s monthly meeting on the third Monday of the month at Zilker Gardens as is our usual custom. Attendance was down a little from the previous meeting which is hardly surprising, all things considered. It is hard to follow such a big event as the Pond Tour when the owners as well as the members all attend.

For those of us who were there, we were well fed by Sonja as is her usual custom. This week, we had Sloppy Joe’s and she whispered to me , very apologetically, that she had gone over her budget with last months meal and had to economise this month. Hence the Sloppy Joes. Even so, the dinner had that special taste that as is customary, Sonja brings to her  food. We had water melon for desert which for me, always hits the spot.

Check out the Gallery.

The first video is in two parts with the first part dealing with APS business and discussion of the upcoming trip to Tank Hollow Fisheries in Poteet, Texas. For you guys out there, it is important that you follow directions and not rely on your GPS system as apparently, GPS leads you to the wrong place. Ladies, if you are driving, you can ignore the above comment as we all know you will get it right or at the very least, will ask for directions…

The second part if this video is the closing out of the meeting and the check presentation to Down Home Ranch.

Down Home Ranch and APS Meeting Combined Final from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

The second video is the introduction of Judy and Jerry Horton, the founders of the Down Home Ranch. They talk about the background behind the Ranch and why they founded it and have a very nice video for us to watch. Again, the quality is not very good as it was captured off an overhead projector screen.

Down Home Ranch-Introduction from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

The third video is of the actual work performed by about fourteen of our membership that volunteered their time and effort to clean out and rebuild the two ponds already present on the Ranch. There was a large amount of work involved and I am very surprised that they were able to accomplish so much in the short time they were out there.. Looking at the video, the quality of which does not show off the ponds to their best for the same reasons as outlined above. Even so,  it is easy to see the difference in the ponds from the before and after shots. Maybe you can all get together and build the pond for the lady who will exchange your efforts for pearls…

Thank you guys for a job well done.

Down Home Ranch-Pond Repairs from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

The next meeting will be held on August 19 at the same place, Zilker Gardens starting at 6:30 pm. The speaker will be Vance Schultze the owner of Tank  Hollow Fisheries in Poteet, Texas.

Hope to see you there. Oh yeah, bring a friend (or two). If anyone is interested, one of our members has a pond for sale that also comes with a house, in Manor…

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