The Sounds of Beauty

Fish Fountain Water feature

Fish Fountain Water feature

I stood on the deck and looked around
and listened to the gurgling sound
that the water made as its call
as it tumbled down the waterfalls
or from the urns and bubblers’ placed
around the ponds and within the space
all to make this a beautiful place

I alone enjoy this place
with its sounds and beauty graced
with luscious growth and wild life too
using the garden for their zoo
although no fences do they have
to keep them in this place alone
to raise their young until they are gone.

When the sun is shining strong
pretty patterns from the water play
reflections flash from tree to tree
shimmering in their eternity
to add to this beautiful place
that I and I alone do grace.

I have four dogs who all enjoy
sitting and listening as I do
at least I think that’s what goes through
their doggy brain as on the deck
next to me they sit with ears erect
hearing the sounds the water makes
one eye on me the other high
looking for squirrels in the sky
high in the trees above their heads

If one they see then off they go
running and chasing from below
barking and yapping with all their might
as if to give the squirrel a fright
but in truth there is no way
and so they give up on their prey
as not within their reach this day.

Back to the deck where I still sit
listening to the ever lasting sound
of water splashing on the rocks
and tumbling out and all around
this is our haven, our place of rest
and the place we love the best
what more can we ask with this beauty we see
maybe to live for eternity.

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