Sleep and the dogs…

Dogs and cats on the couch

Dogs and cats on the inside couch

I had a good nights sleep last night
from the minute that I turned out the light
no tossing and turning to make a fit
for me and the dogs who all need a bit
of the bed as close to me as they get.

Luckily for me only three compete
for space around me so they can keep
guard over me as I sleep
at least, I think that’s what they do
or maybe it’s because them warm I keep.

From the minute I turn out the light
we snuggle together out of sight
of any bad things that lurk in the dark
unless a coon or possum walk by
and then the dogs start to bark
to warn me of the dangers outside.

Jolted awake by their noise
I listen in case I need to rise
to check out the sound from outside the door
in case an intruder may be on the floor
with everything shipshape and secure
back to bed we go although with one ear
the dogs are still listening for any sound
they may hear walking around.

We all re-arrange and turn off the light
and hope to sleep through the rest of the night
to wake early at the crack of dawn
just as it is getting light
to walk outside and check the sky
in case the Heron decides to stops by
to make a meal of my wonderful Koi.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs on the outside couch

The dogs are not much good at watching
as they take their lead from me allowing
for the fact that if I am up and about
they too will be active or at least napping
but if for some reason I take a rest
they too decide that it is best
that they keep me company rather than be guarding
for the Heron who seems to have this sixth sense
and knows that no one around is watching.

I was studying one of the dogs fast asleep
on the couch outside that I keep
for me to take coffee and read a book
which the dogs claim as theirs when they look
and see that I’m not around
guarding my space, nothing so profound
just taking a nap as dogs like to do

On the shed roof the Heron came to rest
and the dog awoke with immediate ease
and started to bark as though to please
and to frighten the Heron away.

Heron on the shed roof

Heron on the shed roof

Now how did a dog that was fast asleep
know the Heron had landed what sense do they keep
that instantly jolts them wide awake
and warns them of danger so they must take
immediate action and bark and chase
until the Heron flies off with no trace.

I have to say dogs are wonderful things
for never a dull moment when they are around
they don’t ask for much just love and food
in return they bark at squirrels and raccoons
and possums and Herons and people too
and drive my neighbor nuts with their tunes
when she complains sorry am I
we’ll try to do better I say with a sigh
and we do until the next living thing
comes into the yard and then the din
the barking starts all over again.


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