How much rain did you get?

06022012 Rear Flank Storm Structure

Now that’s a storm…

We got some rain the other day
it was about time, you could say
as in a drought we still are
with things so dry and under par
to the way they ought to be
in this part of the country.

I was working outside when first the storm
in the distance did start to growl
with lightning flashes and dark, dark clouds
and then the wind began to howl
I picked up my tools and for the house
did run just as fast as I could
the dogs beat me to the doggy door
and flew inside it before I could
even open up my door and just inside they stood as the rain came pouring down.

The first storm passed quickly through
another right behind it came
with lightning flashes and thunders roar
and another shower of heavy rain.

It went on like this through the night
and even while it was still light
I donned my slicker and Wellington boots
to check outside just to see
how much the creek, you know the one
Murmuring Creek that is normally dry
floods like crazy when the sky
opens up when the deluge came.

Hey, it's wet out here...

Hey, it’s wet out here…

The water was rushing over the ground
and with it carried debris and sticks,
leaves and branches and other junk too
plastic bags and cups all made their way
into my yard where they did stay
because the fence on the other side
a barrier to stop the flow did provide
enough to let the water through
but most of the junk does now reside
in my back yard where it will hide
until I get around to making strides
to clean it up as I usually do.

The next morning this storm had cleared
at least enough for me to be outside
where I checked my rain gauge
just to see what had happened while me
and the dogs were huddled indoors
the safest place to see out the storm.

The rain gauge registered 2.5
in inches that is a lot of rain
especially as it had fallen fast
and not too long the storm did last.

The problem with the heavy rains
it does not soak into the ground
instead it rushes off and sounds
like Murmuring Creek and others too
that for most of the year are always dry
until Mother Nature opens up the sky.

Wellington boots

Wellington boots

The next day, we, the dogs and I
surveyed the yard the damage to see
that plants were down and branches too
the leaves which I would usually rake
were now collected just waiting for me
to pick them and on the pile
deposit them to make it higher
which is something I would normally do.

I suppose to look at it in another way
it would be very easy to say
that the rain had helped me too
collecting the leaves into piles
just waiting for me as is my style
load them onto the garbage pile.

Thank you Lord for the rain
and I am not going to complain
about the work I have to do
repair the paths and clean up the mess
for without the rain a desert it would be
without any sign of greenery
except in the ponds which I fear
would probably be a thing of the past
for without the rain, nothing can last.


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