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February 2012

My name is Frank as most of you know
a Member some time I have been, so
I attend meeting whenever I can
and when I do I enjoy my time
visiting my friends and listening to others
who more knowledge than I
give lectures of which I don’t always agree
but then again, no expert me.

I have five ponds that I did construct
each one is different for reasons unknown
I learned from the last and the one before that
till the little I’d learned I had down pat
which helped me to understand more
of what it is that I need to do
to enjoy the ponds and even the view
for the reason I built them was for beauty sake
so that in my yard much pleasure I take.

Other things in my life take my time
and often Monday nights is not fine
for me the Pond Meeting to attend
even though the choice is not always mine
to make as others lay claim on my time.

I bit of a writer is what I am
my blog site many articles contains
although I write with no  claim to fame
writing to me is fun and just plain
easy to do and because of this
B.J. has asked if interested I’d be
to write  monthly reports of the meetings we hold
for others to read and others be told
and those who are unable to attend
should know what we ate, what wonders we learned
and whether or not the meeting did earn
our thanks or was it one that we found
needed work for the topic was not one around
much discussion that is usually the sign
of a successful meeting most of the time.

And so my friends, let it be known
that at the next meeting I am able to attend
questions I may ask of you or your friend
your name for starters so that my report
will accurate be right from the start.

Do not be alarmed if I include you
as someone who had something to do
with the success of the meeting
or whatever your claim
to having your moment of fame
on my blog and on the website too
as Mary will include my written word
in her monthly meeting that she reports
that she sends to all of the members who
can read at their leisure and know all about
what happened at the Meeting they were without.

In truth my writing can be a bit wild
as things come out in some sort of rhyme
except when I’m serious or a story I write
so forgive me if you find me different at times
my reports are not always anything you find
in the newspaper or on TV
but it is out there for others to see
and to learn of the things they were not a part
for that is what makes storytelling an art.

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