Gadgets and Gizmos

Yard Sale for tools

Yard Sale to find tools

Tools, I have tools, lots of tools
for every conceivable job on this planet
if I have something to do for me or a friend
and when I get started only to find
I am lacking a tool of the most special kind
that none of the others can possibly do
then off to the store to buy the right one
to add to my collection and when I am through
on the shelf it will sit with others the same
bought just for one job as no others will do.

I am a gadget man
I collect new toys whenever I can
I have been doing this for many years
in spite of trying to cut back I fear
that it has got a hold of me
and I try to buy whenever I see
something that catches my eye
that I haven’t yet got
although I admit I do have a lot
of thingamejigs and gizmos and stuff
a lot of which is growing old
and has been replaced  I am told by a newer version
which does the same thing or maybe
has an improvement or two.

I have been doing this for years
and my workshops are full of tools that I fear
do not get used very much if at all
as I no longer do what I did before
and instead my interests have moved on
to different things and with barely a song
I find that something new to make out
and help this new interest stay afloat
until it gets old or no longer is used
and gets put on the shelf with the other old stuff.

Does anyone have use for a mower or two
or a tree pruner, almost brand new
how about a computer, I have three or four
all obsolete collecting dust on the floor
where last they were placed when the new one came along
to replace the one that was a bit slow
or did not have bells and whistles to show
just how up to date at that time
the very latest model in its line.

I’m kidding of course it’s not really that sad
it’s true I do have a surplus of stuff
but I swear that when  I needed it so bad
in order to get done the work that I had
to get done and at that particular moment in time
it was better to buy than to borrow or rent
besides, I own it, it’s mine have no doubt
but I’ll rent it to you so you don’t miss out
on the chance to use the very latest thing
in whatever it is you are trying to do
as I bet I got just the gizmo for you.

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