Father Time as normally predicted

Father Time as normally predicted

Time, what is it to you.

Is it just a glance at a watch or the clock on the wall
or defined by how quickly this minute will pass
and another in its place will fall.

Or is it measured by how long it takes
to get from one place to the next
like in a car with wheels that turn
so slowly and we are vexed
even though we are driving fast
the journey seems to want to last
forever, only to find that time when we arrive
where we are going on the other side
is of a different kind and goes by quicker
than it took to make the ride.

The time it takes to do this or that
or to watch a game with the clock running down
or to keep a notebook with dates and times
each carefully noted so as not to forget
or to sit and read a book
not bothered by how long it takes
until with a jolt you remember that
your date timer as your notebook is called
has you down to be somewhere else in a flash
and a quick hustle around and then jump in the car
and off you go either near or far to keep that next meeting
that you have arranged as time is not waiting for this to achieve.

We do not always have to fill
every minute of time for fear that it will
pass us by and we have lost
a part of that given to us
which we all know is all so short
at least when compared to the big scheme of things
and yet we continue on with our dreams
to do whatever is planned even though we know
that in the end, someone else will inherit our show.

Time has its own way of passing by
sometimes it just seems to fly
other times it goes real slow
at work or when waiting for someone to show
someone you haven’t seen for a while
or that special someone, the love of your life
maybe it may even be your wife
and the time it has taken for you to know
that the passing time will eventually go and then
you have a different time to spend
the time that you are with your friend
and one thing you can be certain of
this time will fly as fast as it can.

What is really annoying to me
is because we are human our bodies not free
from the need to rest like clockwork each day
as come the evening tired we will be
from rushing around in our never-ending quest
of always trying to do our best
and watching the clock to make sure of one thing
that we have done everything we set out to do
at least for this day and when tomorrow comes
we will do it again and without fail
as one-third of our life do we spend on rest
in order to recharge and be the best
for our bodies need sleep in order to be
ready to watch the clock  the next day
whether at work or maybe at play.

Even though time is the same for all on earth
maybe that’s not entirely true
for the young child eagerly waits
for his birthday and the party he knows he will have
and toys and presents to make his day
which takes for ever to come his way.

Between the child and the young adult
time is accepted as though by default
some to go fast and other times slow
even though we all know
that there is no variation in the time
it just seems that way as older grows the mind.

From young adult to middle age
time is like turning a page
by now life is set and in a routine
and we may have achieved the impossible dream
it matters not as we have no choice
but to continue on with life’s race
as time keeps marching on to keep pace.

From middle age and now to old age
time has turned too many a page
we hope we have achieved our dreams
and if not we say we gave it a try
and now all there is before we die
give it one last shot, one last fling
as time marches on our impossible dream

Each of us from the day we are born
has a time on this earth and we are forlorn
in how we view the number of years
which are counting down and with it our fears
that one day it will end this time as we know it
and we will transcend into a spirit in the sky
or maybe as some of you believe
that a return to this earth may be achieved
in the form of new life, whatever it may be.

Some people fervently believe
that reincarnation is possible to achieve
and even though the body may fail
and the medicines of the world do not avail
the spirit lives on in some other form
the choice of which to be reborn
is out of our hands and some other force
will decide  what it is that we may be
whatever is in our destiny.

Me, I am not one of that kind
for I have a totally different goal
I know of no one who could save my soul
to return to this earth in some other form
so instead, I plan a different track
to live forever and make my mark
as the worlds oldest human as never before
with a young body and mind so sharp
with all of the knowledge that it will take
to stay as one on top of this world.

But wait, if forever I live what of my friends
to watch them die when they reach their time
and me still alive and living fine
is that how my life would turn out to be
living forever in eternity but lonely
because no one else has survived
at least of the people, more than a few
that I spent my time with here on earth

No, I guess I will wait my turn
and when it comes will join the rest
my body cremated and my remaining friends
scattering my ashes and remembering me well
saying their last words with lots of praise
for all of the good things I did and there were a few
ignoring the bad as this is not the time
as my soul departs up to the skies.

Father Time as he grows old

Father Time as he grows old


One thought on “Time

  1. Wonderful thoughtful piece! I guess I’m one of those that believe that Christ died and rose again, perfect man, perfect God, so that we might live as He did, but not die, for we are already in eternity and our triune person, i.e., body, soul, (mind, personality) and spirit, will reunite in one glorious New Creation. Revelation 21:4 ”
    He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

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