Excuses, Excuses

The beauty of Nature (with a little help)

I must confess, I have been remiss in writing these past few weeks
I have been spending time, not on-line but out in the garden working hard
in preparation for the  Tour that I have written about before
That lucky people just like me, get to open my doors for others to see
what hard work and Nature between us can work wonderful things with the dirt.

Every year this event is held with usually a very large crowd
of people, many of whom just want to see
what it is that others can do and even though they haven’t a clue
the beauty of what before them lies which they can see with open eyes
and the enthusiasm that abounds in the crowd of people milling around
Ooing and aahing and to each other they say,”I wonder why he did it that way”?
and with questions on the tip of their tongues, look to find the one
who has spent the time working hard and is the owner of the yard
where all of this beauty before them lies, that they can see with their own eyes.

The questions come thick and fast many of which are not the last
for as the day wears on, the same question can often be found
on more than one persons lips as they look around to see what tips
the owner of this yard can say to them so that they may
use the ideas in their own way to help improve and brighten up their day
in the hope that they too can say “Now I know why he did it this way”.

Weeks I have spent with my back bent
working hard even in the heat to make the garden
a beautiful place so that others may see
the beauty and grace of nature and with a helping hand
from people like me who have found
peace and solace outside working hard
to make it a beautiful back yard

That others  may see what can be achieved
to work in harmony with who some of us believe
is our true Mother, the one that is all caring
the one that is generous in her sharing
the bounties of this wonderful life
and even though we often strife, forgives us each time and offers more
and as is our wont, we take with nary a thought
and that is the reason that I have found
working in harmony with those around, trees and grass, flowers and more
what else is it that is in store, ponds and fish and wildlife too
so close to our Mother it can all be found, working outside in the garden so fine
that many say, they haven’t the time.

So close to the earth, so close to nature
what more do I need that I cannot find
by stepping outside and seeing my yard
that Mother Nature and I between us have made.

And now it is over and what shall I do
no more yard work it seems though I have the time
Maybe I’ll spend more time on-line writing about the things like I do
but in truth, that will not be the way and although no deadline do I have to meet
you will still find me out in the heat working on things that I think need my time
a mix of writing and hard work will be just fine.

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  1. The last 3 years I have had the privelege of getting to visit these ponds. The work that has gone into these pones is amazing. Truly a talent from the grace of God.

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