Pond Society Meeting – April 16, 2012

We had our  monthly Pond Society meeting this past Monday, April 16 held at the Zilker Botanical Gardens Clubhouse  and this one was well attended. I counted more than forty people there.

As is the usual custom, the first fifteen minutes was spent on pigging out on the food that was laid out and then Bill Brister took his place in the front to open the meeting.

He pointed out several plants placed in the back of the room that he, Glen Hubenthal and others had brought in to give away. The swap meeting is not until next month but that did not deter these generous folks from sharing their surplus plantings. If their ponds and gardens are anything like mine, I have very little room to plant anything more.

We had several new members that Bill asked to stand up and say a few words about their ponds or their hopes of building one in the future. Below is a short video of the new members.

Following the New Member Introduction, we moved into the main part of the meeting which was a demonstration of how to transplant and divide water lily’s and lotus presented by Karl and Linda Tinsley. You can contact them with questions at the link provided at the bottom of the page.

B.J. is still looking for volunteers to assist with the Pond Tour. Contact her if you would like to help at the link provided below.

The meeting closed with the drawing for the various door prizes that Bill had brought. Many of the members stayed and chatted as can be seen from the last video.

The next meeting is on May 21 and is all set up for the real plant swap. The one this past Monday was just a trial run. If you have a surplus of plants and have some that you would like to get rid of, bring them along to the meeting. You don’t have to swap if you don’t see anything that tickles your fancy. Many of the members can benefit from any surplus that you may have.  Bring your plants in five gallon buckets or plastic bags or if you have pots that you don’t mind losing, bring the plants in them. The swap is not restricted to water plants. Any type of garden plant is acceptable if you have some to give away.

See you all on May 21st.

To contact any of the Board Members mentioned in this blog, log on to
http://www.austinpondsociety.org/index.php?option=com_contact&Itemid=3 and fill in the e-mail presented to you.

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  1. Most of the plants we swap are water plants so they have roots. Some,like lotus and Iris, have tubers. Ponds can be as simple as a 20 gallon container to as large a pond as you want to make it. I have 5 ponds, the biggest holds about 5000 gallons of water…

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