It’s tough being a fish

I was watching the Koi in my ponds start their mating ritual and was amazed how rough it is. I tried to capture it on film but the film does not do the act real justice. I have had Koi jump out of my pond during this ritual

Mother nature, in all of her wisdom, decrees that the fittest are usually the ones that can mate and in the case of the Koi, that is a pretty well how it pans out. The males chase the females around practically all day until she drops her eggs and then the lead male will fertilize them followed by whoever else is in the pack.  The females are buffeted and knocked around and I have had one die during this process. I have several water Iris plants in the ponds and they grow to be fairly big. In my case in two of the ponds, the females have chosen these plants to be the ones that they attach their eggs and in the process have really beaten up on the plants.  These females are big Koi, as many are 24 inches long and probably weigh 15 pounds.

Luckily for me, Mother Nature also has a selective way of determining just how many fish will hatch and usually, the eggs are eaten by the other fish and turtles which is fine by me as I don’t need any more fish. I have plenty.

It occurred to me that we humans have it real easy. Not only can we be selective about who we choose to mate with but we are not governed by a season in time.  With us, any time is a good time and we are always in season.  Nor do we need to knock each other around to stimulate the process or at least, most people don’t. On the contrary, lovemaking is best experienced gently and slowly.

Who would want to be a fish…

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  1. I miss seeing Koi in a pond. The koi on my parents pond died due to a few mishaps, some with water and some with wildlife… and now the ponds have been taken out. The ponds were not very big yet I still miss them when I go to visit my folks.

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