End of the U11 Season


With apologies to Manchester United

The little boys season has come to an end
No more training or games until we send
in more money, the fees to pay
that is, if we want to play
again in the Spring in the CAYSA Cup
as we did not do as well as we hoped
not winning enough games to place us high
enough in other Cups to try
but instead I have to say
that fun we did have and have learned a lot
and please let it be not forgot
that fourteen players the season did start
and fourteen players played with heart
enough to win a game or two
not enough for the other teams to say
who is it we are playing today
oh darn, it’s that Ranger U11 team
who it must be said do have a dream
of one day making other teams shake
in fear for the plays they will have to make
in order to win which is what they want most
when they know that the Rangers team they host
at their fields in order for them to say
we beat the Rangers U11’s today.

Rangers U11's White team

2 thoughts on “End of the U11 Season

  1. Frank! My dad sent me the link to your blog a while back. I’ve been living in Tanzania for the last year as a Peace Corps Volunteer, teaching high school math and physics. I’m home for a few weeks for the holidays, and right before I left Tanzania I met the newly arrived health and environment volunteers. Among them was a fellow Austinite…conversation turned to soccer and to you! His name is Glenn Holser and he said you’re a great friend of his…such a small world! Anyways, hope you are well!

    PS – I think a post about your most favorite soccer team ever (hint: 87 Rangers) is in order 🙂

    -Kathryn Alexander

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