Working on a new cheer

We are working on a new cheer for the U11 Boys White soccer team. This one is decidedly better than “Go Rangers” but probably not very fitting for the genteel sport of soccer compared to the game of rugby. This was taken at the recent game between England and the New Zealand Rugby teams and was filmed directly from the TV screen hence the poor quality. Double click on the picture to watch the video

Apologies to the New Zealand Rugby team and their Hukka.

3 thoughts on “Working on a new cheer

    • I suggest watching whale rider. Boys are taught there, among other thinks, the ritual meaning of the Hukka. I am not certain about the accuracy of the statements in the movie regarding what the displays mean, but I can see how, if true, they would instill pure fear in the opponent.
      However, I have a hard time seeing the boys having the courage to display a Hukka :0)
      Great posting!

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