These are the flowers blooming in my yard today

I walked around the yard today taking pictures of all of the flowers that are currently blooming. In some cases, Mother Nature has fooled herself into thinking it is Spring following the long drought this summer. Hope it doesn’t affect the flowering cycle come next Spring.

3 thoughts on “These are the flowers blooming in my yard today

  1. I needed a bright spot in my day…enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful flowers. I’d wondered about the names of some of them. I grew up with my Grandmother babying her esperanza plants (clusters of beautiful yellow flowers.) Of course, as soon as her back was turned we would pluck the unopened flowers and pop them on our forehead. When I was young, that passed for fun.

    • Gloria Thank you for your kind words and that you are following the blog.

      Thanks too for the invitation for Thanksgiving but I already told Fran that I would spend it with her and her family. Sorry

      Hope we’re still friends…

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