Jack’s Goal

Yesterday, we played a game
we played, pretty much, just the same
as we have all this season long,
some good, some bad, some like a song
with movement fine and notes so sound,
it was hard to imagine that we did play
for us, in any other way.

For the longest time, the score was two to one
to the other team’s mark and them having fun
we hoped that at least a tie we could get
but from where and who, no one could bet.

That Jack on this day, a hero would be
not only did he save a penalty
but he let forth an almighty kick
that carried so far it was the pick
of all the kicks that happened this day
as it bounced not once but twice on its way
over the head of the other teams sweeper
past the outstretched hands of the despairing keeper.
and into the goal to the back of the net

Just when it looked like another loss it would be
Jack’s name will go down in Ranger history
as the goalie who scored the tie-ing goal,
and gave the team a share of the points that day
as his mighty kick did bounce its way
into the other teams goal.

One thought on “Jack’s Goal

  1. Congratulations, Jack!
    I am your Mom’s Godmother and your grandmother is my best friend. With all that,
    how can you miss? Sending you and your family abundant autummn blessings!

    From the Land of OZ

    Maria Etslea

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