Follow Up to Change

Having just completed my blog on Change, it got me wondering just how personally prepared I am if any such disaster was to strike me. The clear answer to the question is..not very.

If I had to evacuate in a hurry but with a little time to pack the car, it goes without saying that the first things I would save are the pets, the dogs and cats that are my companions when I am home. The ones whom unquestioning love and affection make every day a wonderful day and an event to be cherished. But, what next? I suppose that I would take my laptop because it has all of my records of my current activities which would enable me to continue on with them following any disaster.

Maybe before the laptop should come all of my important papers, like my birth certificate that tells everyone that in spite of what they may believe, I was born and am still alive. When I stop to think about it, I know where all of the important stuff is, I think, but it is not something that I could collect in the short time available prior to evacuation orders. So, make a note to myself to find time to collect all of this stuff in one place and easy to grab.

I hadn’t given it much thought before the fires but think of the difficulties and work involved in replacing all of this stuff. Deeds to the house, Title for the car, records of my past life with marriages and divorces, kids that have long since flown the coup, Insurances that someday, they will collect on and countless other records of my life. I will get to this soon. Maybe tomorrow…Let’s see, breakfast, Doctors appointment, Manchester United playing on the TV, Coach the U11 Boys team. OK then, the next day.

It wouldn’t be very hard in terms of packing clothing. I have about 20 pairs of the same sort of shorts and lots and lots of Tee shirts that I wear on a rotating basis, so grab them. I would probably be wearing my most favorite pair of sandals and my training shoes are already in the car so that is taken care of. Need to take my Rangers Coaching gear. All of the suits and ties and left over paraphernalia from my work days could burn for all I care. although I probably should take one suit though to eventually be buried in. Nah, forget the suit, I can be buried in shorts and a Tee shirt just the way I live.

Can’t do much about the ponds and the fish. They would have to take their chance. The only other material possessions I would take are my two cameras so that I record any disaster and then write a blog about it all.

Yeah, I can tell. I am really prepared if any such disaster was to come my way. I’ll start work on this right away.

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