Today’s Ramblings 4-9-2020

Locked in my house like so many more
trying hard to not keep score
of the number of days stuck inside
and wondering just how long to hide
lucky for me I have a yard
where I can go to pass the time
and there is always something to do
some chore or another and quite a few
weeding and raking, mowing and such
feeling the dirt to my touch
close to nature is where I reside
when the law of this country says I must hide
I also have three ponds to maintain
attending to them is more than a game
as my primary task is to keep them clean
to the Koi and the Goldfish that can be seen
for that the water must be clear
so cleaning the filters I must persevere
I have to do that much more than I like
as the fish eat the food and at Nature’s discourse
what goes in must come out which we know true
to dirty the water with their fishy poo
when I’ve done all the work or the sun is too hot
I pack up my things and inside I trot
along with the dogs who have already declared
too hot out there Boss, where is my chair
and I sit and I write these nonsensical rhymes
for others to read who are locked in too
to give them some humor to brighten their day
in the hope that this virus will soon go away.
to say were locked in is not very true
as some stores are open but only a few
groceries and hardware, post office and such
with people standing six feet apart
shopping becomes a bit of an art
some wear masks and other disdain
prefering to be completely insane
trusting to luck and their own self belief
that the virus will miss them and even if it does
they are young and healthy and do not feel much
only the old and the sick will succumb to its touch
as yet there is no end in sight
as the virus progresses with all of its might
across the world no country remains
all touched by death all just the same
and the nurses and doctors work till they fall
replaced by others each answering the call
and the morgues take the bodies with no place to store
and each of them wondering just how many more
the experts say an end is in sight
as the world battles on with all of its might
to go back to normal and learn by mistakes
and develop a vaccine to make everyone safe
that is until the next virus comes along
different and more potent to be our swansong
as humans on earth are on borrowed time
slowly killing the Planet a real paradigm
and Nature retaliates as though to say
I will have the last word as you die away.

Written 4/9/2020