Circle C Trails

Circle C trail

Circle C trail

I have found a new trail that for me, is real close to home. It is the circle C trails off of Slaughter Lane. The trails are not very long but are interesting enough to take a lot of pictures. They actually surround the soccer complex and include a stream which when full, does act as a barrier to one part of the trail as without getting your feet wet, there is no way to cross it. I was working on new photographic concepts and it was an ideal place to try them out.

The problem with taking pictures of the great outdoors at this time of the year is the almost complete lack of greenery with the exception of the evergreen oaks and cedars. Give it a month,and things will start to change.

The pictures are in the form of the slideshow below. Enjoy.

Circle C Hike Jan 2015 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.