Something to Say

The Roses are blooming

I haven’t written in quite a while
anything to make readers smile
about life at home or about the ponds
or even of walks that I have yet to go on
the truth being that I am in a rut
staying at home is anything but
good when there is a world to see
out there just inviting me
the truth is that I am more than concerned
that trips from home as we have learned
should only be from necessity
like going to the grocery store
and staying apart six feet or more
or maybe to the Home Depot
the hardware store to get and go
and come back home to another task
hoping that to make it last
to fill in yet a bit more time
instead of waiting here in line
at the local Starbucks Store
with cars lined up a block or more
as people yearn for normality
instead of closed shops and roads that are free
of traffic and people nowhere to be found
all staying at home contributing to the sound
of silence as we wait out the time that we need
to get back to normal and be virus freed.

Written 4/27/2020

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